My training at Florida State University has thus far afforded me several opportunities to refine my teaching style and provide a diverse portfolio of course offerings. I have taught classes on Introductions of Comparative Governments and Politics, International Human Rights, and Terror and Politics. In addition, I have been a teaching assistant for both undergraduate and graduate level Game Theory. With minimal preparation, I can offer additional courses on Game Theory, Political Violence, Research Design and Methods, International Organizations, Domestic Political Institutions in International Relations, and Authoritarian Regimes. My teaching philosophy centers around student incentives, science, and application. More specifically, I use three different strategies when teaching courses – utilizing several different teaching techniques and assignments to be inclusive of different learning styles, using science as a tool for answering questions about politics, and using simulations as a means of applying political science theory to real-world applications. Below you can find example syllabi and teaching evaluations from courses taught at FSU.

Introduction to Comparative PoliticsSummer 2016
Terror and PoliticsSummer 2017
International Human RightsSummer 2018, Fall 2018